“We’ve bought forklifts for all our plants from here. Never had any issues with the machines. Definitely recommended!”

Philip Vieira, Houston

“The price quoted for the forklift I wanted was a few thousand dollars cheaper than at other dealerships. We certainly got a really great deal here.”

David Brown, Galveston

“Thank you for the quick delivery. This lift truck is exactly what we needed and we can’t believe how much we saved!”

Jerry Lacasse, Houston

Whether you are replacing just one lift truck or an entire forklift fleet, it is important that you find a reliable forklift dealer and build a good working relationship with them. Though you primary consideration will naturally be the prices and selection of the forklifts available for sale from the dealer, proximity is also an important point to keep in mind. You want the dealer to be close by so that when you require servicing or general maintenance they can be easily available and not add to costly business delays. Therefore if you are located in Houston, try to find a Houston lift truck dealer and ask them whether they would be coming to your site if any issues arise with the trucks.

If you chose to buy used forklifts, pay particular attention to warranties and ask the dealer what kind of modifications have been done to the trucks. Refurbished lift trucks will generally perform well, but you want to know for your own peace of mind just what kind of problems the lift truck had before and how it was fixed. Check the hours the lift trucks accumulated. As far as engine performance goes, electric forklifts, diesel forklifts or propane forklifts can all potentially have different issues. Check, for example, if a battery has been replaced in an electric forklift or if there are any leaks in propane/gasoline forklift engines.

In general you can get some very good deals on forklifts in Houston and as long as you are reasonably vigilant you can be assured that your truck will last you a long time.

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